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Managing your incoming and outgoing data has never been easier.


Never call, email or SMS a suppressed or blacklisted number again.


Knowledge is power. Know everything with real-time data reporting.

Integrate all of your FTP folders and move data across different clients with a click of a button. As new feeds and files come in, designate specific criteria to create endless possibilities for your lists. Setting up LiveFeed APIs has never been easier.
AUTOMATE EVERYTHING. Lists, APIs, XML Posting, FTP Imports, Data Extractions, FULL Suppression and Blacklist Management and MUCH MUCH more.

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    Plug and Play's team has been vital in helping several of our business models become a reality via their Liquid Data Management System. The system's user friendly interface and powerful data aggregation utilities allows our entire team, from sales to accounting, track, manage, aggregate and control quality of all of our data. Plug and Play is there with real technical support during and after business hours where many brand name service providers lack in customer service, Plug and Play excels, as does the Liquid product. I would recommend the solution to anyone who is serious about data management and monetization.
    Santo Leo
    BMI Elite
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    As a small business owner - when looking for a solution for my database management I realized Liquid Data provided all the needs my business demands in one place. Liquid Data has a user friendly interface for database marketing. I find it simple to use at the same time I learn everyday how robust it is in its functions. Liquid Data is scalable as my business grows. Most importantly it is compliant and secure for warehousing my data. The service is excellent - after training I am confident in what i am doing - I am not constantly in need of communicating with the Liquid Data team to make sure I set things up correctly - which in my opinion is a reflection of how they trained me.
    Wendy Herzberg
    Owner Gallant Media
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    We have been with Liquid Data for over a year now. We have seen the evolution of the system first hand. Plug and Play Consulting Inc is tireless in new development and customer support. We have never regretted outsourcing our database infrastructure operations to Liquid Data. We could never build something like this on our own. Big Kudos and thanks to Josh and Danny. They are always available when we need them.
    Dan Vahdat
    CEO Blueprint Industries

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